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Brand Development Firm

We help companies to build their Premium Consumer Brands. We provide skills, expertise and means most don’t have access to otherwise.

How we create value

Value creation is the core of what we do . Playing a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential, we uncover value by providing skills, expertise and operating support. Our approach helps brands to grow their core business, launch new initiatives, take transformative steps and upgrade skills and systems to support their long-term strategy. We have deep industry knowledge in specific consumer sectors and provide insights and intelligence to the brands to create and execute a customized value creation plan.

Brand Strategy

We seek to make companies stronger through a bottom-up strategy of transformation. We focus on sustainable growth and global competitiveness which will benefit workers, communities and other stakeholders.

Organizational Strength

Great products are at the core of a brand. Building a business requires the right leadership and organizational setup. We work with the organization to ensure that they have the bench-strength to win.


While products have always served a function, they increasingly carry meaning. We provide product design skills to translate the meaning into the product experience.


The right distribution platform ensures a successful relationship with the consumer. Finding the most effective access to customers may include ecommerce, corporate stores and/or wholesale distribution.


Operational Expertise

Operational support can drive transformation designed to unlock the company’s potential. We bring the expertise on a variety of operational improvements, including revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean processes and information optimization.

Crafting New Ideas

We embrace complexity. We craft creative solutions to problems. We create value by building businesses. Our deep global experience in the consumer sector is our most important tool in our toolbox.

Our goal ist to create positive economic impact and long-term value for investors, companies and communities. We provide global perspectives, regional knowledge and access to experience and skills to help the brands capture opportunities around the world.

Global Sector Expertise


Leather Goods

Small / large leather goods and luggage


Writing Instruments

Premium pens across all writing modes



Men’s and ladies fine and fashion jewelry



Mechanical and Quarz Swiss Watches



Optical eyewear and sunglasses


Fashion & Beauty

Fashion, fragrance and skincare


Home & Living

Luxury furniture and home accessories


The Arts

Musical instruments



Healthy dog and cat products


Healthy Living

Earth-friendly and healthy products


Kids Fashion & Toys

Soft toys. Baby and Kids Fashion



Intelligent technology


Healthy Living

The Lifefactory brand fuses modern design, highest quality materials, and exceptional utility to produce a full line of BPA-free glass houseware products for everyday life. The brand has been positioned against three core values: Safe, Simple and Smart.

To learn more about Lifefactory,
visit www.lifefactory.com

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